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Community Education

At Central PA Works, we pave the way for a dynamic future by creating impactful workforce development opportunities for youth, guiding adults to explore rewarding careers in the home building industry, empowering women through our Professional Women in Building initiative, and making lasting community impacts through the skilled trades of home building.


> Elementary Schools

> Middle Schools

> High Schools

Recognizing the significance of community education, our initiative focuses on fostering awareness among K-12 students about alternative career paths within the workforce. Through engaging methods such as guest speakers, hands-on activities, and career pathway exposure, we aim to broaden students' horizons and showcase the myriad opportunities available beyond traditional academic routes. By facilitating connections with local businesses and industry experts, we provide invaluable exposure and networking opportunities, empowering students to make informed decisions about their future careers and forging meaningful connections with potential employers.

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> Career change
> Career development
> Continuing education

For adults seeking a career change, development, or continuing education in the home building and construction industry, our mission is to shed light on diverse trades and career opportunities. Through hands-on activities, guest expert speakers, and career pathway awareness, we aim to showcase the richness of workforce development career paths alongside traditional academic routes. Our focus extends to aiding those in entry-level positions, offering educational opportunities that enhance and advance their careers within this home building industry.

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> Networking Opportunities
> Career Development
> Community Involvement

The Central PA Professional Women in Building Council (PWB) serves as the collective voice for women actively engaged in every facet of the building industry. The Council is deeply committed to addressing the unique needs of prospective members within the Builders Association of Central PA, with a specific focus on supporting and elevating women in the home building industry. 


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> Habitat For Humanity
> Rivet/Discovery Space

Central PA Works is deeply engaged in the community, fostering impactful collaborations with a diverse array of strategic partners. We actively contribute to the community by undertaking projects that leverage the skills within the home building industry. Our projects not only showcase the tangible results within the community but also highlight the transformative impact on our volunteers and students. Through home construction skills and trades, we strive to make lasting positive changes that resonate throughout Central PA.  

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Special Thanks to Our Community Partners

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